Donkey Performance

Donkey Performance

Seven Doors Theatre Company was founded in 2005 by its Artistic Director, Elena Masoero, with the aim of creating and developing new performance work and to take high quality art forms to communities that may not usually have access to the arts.

We develop performances through, at times, long phases of collaborative investigation. Our creative process usually starts from an idea, a curiosity, a seed of inspiration which grows through an exploration of connections between different disciplines, life experiences, serendipitous events…

We pay particular attention to the role of the actor, who is usually not just a passive conveyer of the story but becomes the maker of his/her character’s dramaturgy and a weaver of the text of the performance.

In our outreach work we expose our target communities to multidisciplinary artistic experiences, encouraging the individual’s talents and nurturing creative thinking. We believe in the importance of including in our projects teachers, care staff of the community involved, to foster the legacy of our projects.

Seven Doors explores cross-disciplinary artistic collaborations and is interested in cross-cultural practices.