Past performances

Donkey (2006)

Donkey was a performance created by Seven Doors and inspired by the work and life of the Palestinian writer and poet Ghazi Hussein. Ghazi Hussein had been imprisoned for his political beliefs for 20 years in Palestine and he is a torture survivor.

Seven Doors was awarded a grant for developing the performance by The Scottish Arts Council.

Dance Base (Scottish National Centre for Dance, Edinburgh) offered Seven Doors a two-weeks residency and a performance space to show the performance to the public.

To develop the performance Elena Masoero collaborated with Ghazi Hussein, Skye Reynolds, Shelia Macdougall, Jennifer Paterson, Lawrie-Lin Waller, Libby Daye and Janice Hart.

Future performances

Childhood Voices

Seven Doors are working on a new performance project inspired by sculptures by Laura Ford, by Fairy Tales and by the work that Sheila Macdougall and Elena Masoero did with vulnerable young people in Working On A Dream project.
To develop this performance Sheila and Elena are collaborating with Nick Bone, Merav Israel, Linda McLean and Ros Steen.
Dance Base offered Seven Doors a one-week residency (4th-7th February) to explore and develop the performance Childhood Voices.

At the moment Seven Doors is applying for funding to develop the performance.

Tam Linn

Seven Doors are working on developing a performance for young audiences based on the Scottish story of Tam Lin. Seven Doors applied for funding to Imaginate, Edinburgh and are waiting for their response.